paintings by @ivanseo703this is cheeb and pebblephoto by @strange.nature art and designyesterday hiking the flat irons in boulder coloradocaption thismother. there is beauty and truth within religion. pick what resonates and leave behind the rest. let your heart decide whats eraone of the most powerful photos ever takengetting ready for moonrise this weekendart by @brianserwaytrippy kitty silkscreenthis is for younature head original drawing available under artworkmy exact thoughts on this electionvibe for a minutecustom design for our friends @feelfreemusic we create for you too find out more on our siteMark Hensonas above so belowmeditate on the momenthubble photo via @nasaspace age we made it dont fuk it up nowastral flex on infinite planesthis gives me the most interesting feeling found via @ivanseo703good morning everyone hope life is going great stay in tune with the vibes we gonna make it everything is greatart by @trentbar dm post submissions • grow communitykeep it balanced always find the center keep it right there light and darki got demons knocking i tell them fuck offwhose yours?we all gonna diegalactic princess @allysosborne 💕✨this is ussometimes out of no where your pineal gland gives you a lil squirttaken by @g0ldsoultheory dm post submission • grow communityVIRGINIA IS FOR LO💔ERS priced at $20. free shipping in usa. limited by @alyssa_mickelson_ dm post submissions • grow our communityavailable on follow @ivanseo703die bitchesnature can heal your mindpaul gauguin self portrait i fux with the halovisualization of universes and dimensionsall i see is metaphorsthis is me everydaypraises go up blessings come downsites updated. convergence is live with multiple colors and tye dye. limited quantities as always. free shipping in usa. look for new designs, products in coming weeks. updating now. new colors and tye dye are uploading now.posting tye dye this week. be ready. only around 30 available.paining by @ivanseo703 submissions: content@infinitylife.usexperimenting in cinema 4d. inspired by the work of @david_mcleodholyminiconvergence restocked. new colors. limited quantities. free shipping in usa. more designs coming soon. from Michealangelo’s Last Judgment. there is a psychedelic aspect to this art. look through the christian connotation, see the intricacy and artistry and beauty and vision. its insane.choose your adventure. create the next moment. create the life story.seeing feelinglets fight violence with consciousnessi prefer to doodle on random sheets, i feel more free to express and flow. these are concepts for sleeve prints coming this year.where you going? 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The image will also be in our exhibition with Olek called Sleep With The Fishes as part of the Honolulu Museum of Art’s World Oceans Day Hawai’i which opens June 6th, 2014.Archival Print Edition available now!trashedy:natural order IImonsterism:James Jean.blooms-and-shrooms:Coprinellus micaceus by hph46 on by asageaviatinq:Mtn Huang | Wenjie Qiaoglittertomb:By Zhou Fanartagainstsociety: guardian’s notebookby TanyaShatsevaweird-thinking:I don’t know shit about photography, but the person who took this shot must be given the highest award of them all.this is breathtakingThis is now one of my top three favorite photos of all time.hawti:I’ll follow backnuclearharvest:Original Sin by Richard T Scott 2010darkling-faerie-witch:Types of trees with fungi, moss and lichen on them.(all credit goes to the owners of these photos)darkling-faerie-witch:Types of trees with fungi, moss and lichen on them.(all credit goes to the owners of these photos)psycho-delic-cunt:∞☯∞jjunymuustardd:Jan van Huysum.darkling-faerie-witch:Blue Mushrooms
new work from Eli Mcmullen @elimcmullenask @marcus_clouddasafireinspiration from @iain.macarthur‘indian witch doctor’ found via @redditcan you handle that?@elimcmullenwoke via @ivanseo703@larrycarlsonfound via @redditnature’s salute to humanityalien architectureseeilluminatus hat available. link in bio. new new coming soon meatspiritual antennadesigner hats now available for preorder www.infinitylife.usthe ocean vibes hardmother nature full of grace bless my journey through time and spacephoto by @deaconsage dm posts • grow communitywhose paying for your sins? you me? the earth?photo by @deaconsage dm post submissions • grow communityuse code ‘letitgo’ for 15% off this weekend only content by @mistermanorart by @seemorebrandye whats next ㅛㅅ홓호ㅠ거어어어쿠큐요ㅕ며더나케마듀려누듀쟈재너ㅗㅇㅇ오너너농ㅇㄱㄷㅁㅁㅁㅁㅇrunning a 15% promotion for the weekend. we want to sell all the current product to replace it with our newest ideas. use code ‘letitgo’ for 15% off your order. lessgit brudemonictheres too much violence too many of our people dyingfor sale on uploaded some original art to the website. check it out under artwork. infinityreligion.comart by @hewhoseessounds dm post submissions • grow communityart by @slumlux dm post submissions • grow communityVA 💔 priced at $20. free shipping in usa. limited availability.pic of washington state from @gma.zoe dm post submissions grow our communityfor sale now on iiivanseo.comchannel the flowi believe this clothing can ascend our culture. the ideas encoded within will open minds to other versions of truth and reality. the only way to save our world from pain and suffering is through evolving the collective consciousness.saw one of my favorite paintings yesterday i didn’t even read the artists namethis year has been quite the hustle. i feel like the sprint is finally winding down. i can reflect on the past and plan for the future. the foundation is built now is time to actualize what’s next. at 22 i have all this and its just the beginning. the best is yet to come. create the life you want! positive mentality is key! your mind manifests your world! i want all of you to succeed! i will help you! thank you! i love you!how many people have we been? #humancentipede #wormholemaking business cardsscoming soonis this sacrilegious?the sunrise was saying that everything is under control and we should all relaxconvergence tye dye availablenova skiesrootedconvergence grapeone finger tee left size medium.hood x hippieconvergence screen printnothin beats a nature bluntsending angelsonly 5 available 🙏more in. less out. pls.microcosmicmother nature will kill you if you aren’t careful. shes heartless at times.illluminatedi have to a planet to save no time for doubtsthe goal is to evolve human consciousness. this evolution is no longer optional. the issue must be forced. it is the solution to all of our problems. if we evolve human consciousness, we will save our species, our planet and our destiny.create with your instinct.only a couple of hours left in Alex and Allyson Grey’s kickstarter. they’ve raised over $300,000 to build a temple dedicated to visonary art. find out more @alexgreycosmuse code ‘rememberme’ for 25% off entire order. last chance to pick up some of our classic designs. shirts like these are discounted to $15 when the code is used. thanks everyone.huge clear out sale starts today. use code ‘rememberme’ for 25% off entire order. our biggest sale of the year. free shipping in usa. www.infinitylife.usvisualizing the non physicalMichelangelo: The Last JudgmentChristianity is very psychedelic if you can overlook the vast pain and suffering its caused.portalmedicine man short sleeve. limited availability. priced at $25. free shipping in usa.outer world reflecting inner worldAlex and Alyson Grey are currently running a kickstarter to fund the building of a temple dedicated to visionary art. 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However, the mysteries of the Tree are only revealed to seekers when they come home to their skin, their human ancestry, and the soul of nature in its masculine and feminine forms. You cannot choose one branch of the Tree over another. You must choose the whole Tree or the isolation of the twig on which you stand.  At first, it seems that the Tree grows in a wilderness of despair. This despair is driven by an innate divine discontent within us that deludes us into thinking that our inherent flaws form a boundary that prevents us from becoming one with the Creator. Do not let it fool you into thinking that you will never attain inner peace and oneness with creation and the Creator. You must go into that wilderness and cry out for a vision, in humility and hope, as a child of the One. When you have surrendered to its majesty and mystery, the beauty of the Tree unfurls.” - Orion FoxwoodTree of Enchantment: Ancient Wisdom and Magic Practices of the Faery Tradition Image Credit: Anabela Faiafathom-the-universe: The perfect spiral M74 is a spiral galaxy of of about 100 billion stars, 32 million light-years away toward the constellation Pisces. The galaxy presents a beautiful, almost perfect view of its spiral arms. The red areas are star forming regions where young stars are born. Image credit: NASA ESAFathom the Universedormio:Neverending Autumn, Joseph Rossbachdarkling-faerie-witch:Types of trees with fungi, moss and lichen on them.(all credit goes to the owners of these photos)darkling-faerie-witch:Types of trees with fungi, moss and lichen on them.(all credit goes to the owners of these photos)sundxwn:Usher Mountain at sunset by Andrey Nikolenkoalexgreyvisionary:Artists are emanations of creative soul energy, when most ecstatically aflame they draw from the Brightest source.embrace-your-earth:Wow!!!darkling-faerie-witch:Blue Mushrooms
@thisislinda_design by @mistermanor 💕👁@marcus_cloudd*gunshot sound effect*where do we draw the line between artificial and real? can love be artificial?A girl who grew up in a concentration camp was asked to draw “home”. sorry to interrupt your day with disturbing content. but its important to remember there is still evil in this world and the fight is not over. suffering continues across our planet. there is still a lot of work to do. it will take all of to create a better world. thank you for your efforts. lets keep fighting.@benridgwayart@alexgreycosmtherapyhustle til sunrisehow ive been feeling a lot latley. we’re more connected to the other side than you might think.all natural organic therapy. its free too.from the streets to the streamsdont deny your demonsuse themgo vegancatch it before it floats awayhow wild is thisastral flex on infinite planestru storyour normal state… this human stuffs getting weirdour promotion continues today use code ‘letitgo’ for 15% off thx photo work by @mistermanorpowerful photo work from @mistermanor almost sold out of these babies only a few left. pick one up today for 15% off using code ‘letitgo’ you guys are best. new werk on the way stay tuned.finally peacewhose yours?photo by @floralicious_funk dm post submissions • grow communitysquadliness is the closest thing to godlinessima tell the truthyo we got to kill em with consciousness 💀lets get it! we need a peaceful by @slumlux dm post submissions • grow communityconvergence restocked. new color options. limited quantities. sizes are already running low. thanks for the continued support. we have a lot more on the way! by @enrique3scobardm post submissions • grow communityship ship shipphoto by @marcus_cloudd dm submissionscan you draw or paint this? im going to try.twenty first century american festival culture born out of the slow demise of the U.S. drug war. is the war over? who won?i got what u need#currently #mountainmanneed nature to feel betterwhat color makes you happy?who made this?om ni po tentwet wetsteam bent hardword design from @matthiaspliessnignon earth entity portraitconvergence restocked. limited quantities and exclusive color options. free shipping in usa. limited quantities and exclusive color options. free shipping in usa. www.infinitylife.ushuman beingpainting by the homie @northernvirginia703 submissions: content@infinitylife.usalso i love to carry a little sketchbook with me. anywhere. social settings. the woods. its always nice to be able to draw to pass the time or keep my creative mind busy.glitchsummoning spirits in our dyethis seasons palette 🔮⚔💠🌄🎍🌸divinevibeismtomorrow we will be hiking old rag. the hike starts from the parking area around 2 pm. link with us there or find us at the final peak watching sunset. we’ll bring shirts for you.fern game 💯infinity memorial day sale. our biggest sale of the year. use code ‘rememberme’ for 25% off entire order. free shipping in usa. our best deal on psychedelic clothing, prints, stickers and art. www.infinitylife.ustrpykty shirt under black light 👀eye of god photo by @hammondfoster submissions: content@infinitylife.ussavior and omni. both priced at $25. limited sizes left. savior: 1 small, 2 mediums, 4 larges, 3 xl. omni: 1 small, 2 mediums. these will not be printed again. thanks fam stay blessed.cute little order going out this morningall the newer pieces are selling out. only a limited selection of colors and sizes. we are scheduled to print in june. look for more sizes, colors, designs, tyedye, etcetera then. thank you everyone who has purchased thus far. thank you everyone who follows. we love you.rock beingouter space reflecting inner spacetranscendence screenprint. limited availability. priced at $20. free shipping in usa. thank you.mind stategrow everywherewhat we need from artists of today. spoken by Terence Mckenna.trippy churchomni. limited edition print. only 25 in existence. priced at $25. free shipping in usa. find exclusive options in our one/one section. thx.godartinterdimensional soul goo someday nature will eat you. xx. its ok tho. we all get eaten. too good room giants of my favorite images of all time. theres an eerie feeling of accuracy here. the name of the artist is not known. your guardian angel is the homie and has saved your ass on multiple occasions shades in a good way restocked. limited quantities. thxxx. role of the artist. take an expedition into the world of imagination. bring an artifact back with you. render the non physical into physicality. and size options are running low. get yours before they’re gone. next reprint is scheduled for june. thx fam.doodle me thisvisonary artwearnew stickers will be in this weekp-i-r-a-d-o:xiamzarathustra:“DMT is like mushrooms times a million plus aliens!” Joe Rogantryppi:Mystic - Zach Jackson, Jake Amazonamirimage:Alex Grey painting on stage at the Gem & Jam festival in Tucson, Arizonaknumb:dissolvingiplaywithsickfires:Ian Macarthur Carbonmade.comdobrincho:by nasimoash-assault:A little mushroom piece I did based off some life drawing sketches. I experimented a little with mixed media. Result: wavering satisfaction.Part time jobs and being a teaching assistant is time consuming as hell, by the way.melancholic-fairy:La Magie d’Ayguebonne by FlorentCourty☆*✲゚*Visit the ℳℯℓαηℂℎσℓ℩¢ ℱα℩rℽ*゚✲*☆jonyorkblog:Ludovic TaillandierWater, 2010via nevverdehanginggarden:380 by  EirikHavre90377:Seward Park Ferns by bombeeney on Flickr.amazingwilderness:Sourceamazingwilderness:Sourcesuperbnature:Natures spiral by Family-Mannarukee:Am I still high or something?trashedy:natural order IItrashedy:natural order IIschawackart:‘Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind’supernovaqirl:This literally took my breath away for a secondlife-lings:Hidden garden   Seattle Washingtonleprincelointain:Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939), Salammbô - 1896laughingsquid:Fantastically Bizarre Psychedelic Animated GIFs by kyttenjanaedarkling-faerie-witch:Types of trees with fungi, moss and lichen on them.(all credit goes to the owners of these photos)darkling-faerie-witch:Types of trees with fungi, moss and lichen on them.(all credit goes to the owners of these photos)theastrarium:“Beneath the surface of the land lies the bone memory of all living things that died and were absorbed into the earth. Memory is retained in the mineral composition, the plants absorb minerals through their roots. This makes them vessels through which Shadow can be tapped and used by the Witch. In the Rose and Thorn Path, plant spirits are evoked in order to communicate with Shadow. The collective memory of all Witches who came before us resides in Shadow and is a vast source upon which to draw from the ancestors. It’s through an established rapport with plant spirits that this becomes accessible to the Witch.”- Raven GrimassiGrimoire of the Thorn-Blooded Witch: Mastering the Five Arts of Old World Witchery Credit: Anthony Palumbolesstalkmoreillustration:Nicolas Tolmachev